On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

Monday, December 12, 2011

One Epic Run One Epic Weekend--An Ultra Tale....

    Ultra history-In October 2010 we completed our first 50K, we actually did an ultra before we even did our first marathon in November of 2010.  In January 2011 we completed our second 50K and in May we did the Enoree SC 40 miler.  We have a pack that we always stay together on the trails, easy does it and we just enjoy each others company.  After the Enoree 40 miler I told William that I wanted a break from ultras, he of course said that was okay and went on a few weeks later and did another 50K while I stayed back to ride with friends.

   In July we were going over our schedule of events left for the rest of the year and I told William that I wanted to run a 50K for my 31st Birthday!  William thought it was a great idea and we started to work on finding an event.  We had an idea of a few in the area when our friend Joseph informed us he was putting together a race on my Birthday that was a 24hr run but participants could do any distance.  We were thrilled and started to plan out our weekend plans for December.

One Epic Run was an EPIC event.  The race took place in Croft State Park.  It was a closed 2.96 mile loop that was technical and challenging but also beautiful.  William and I both run trails in Brooks Cascadia and we agree that it is the best trail shoe for us and would be for you.


We were able to meet so many different people on Saturday that all had different goals and stories that they wanted to share.  Our goal was 10 loops then get the last residual mile on the road by the aid station so that the Garmin would read exactly 31 miles. 

We did not have to carry any water or fuel with us as the loops were only 3 miles.  We had our cooler and fuel in a bag right were we came out on the loop.  Also, the volunteers and aid station was top notch!  The PB&J was amazing, there were like 10 different kinds of jelly to choose from!  JPP rocked the PBJ!
10 loops went by really fast and never got boring.  It was also funny how 90+ runners could get so spread out over 3 miles!  Every time we would come up on friends they would sing Happy Birthday.  One of our friends even sang me Happy Birthday in Russia.  It was so fun to do what I love to do for the day of my birthday.

After we celebrated with friends, had cake and headed to our hotel in Greenville.  There were still a lot of runners when we left as many had plans of running all 24hours!

  We went and checked in, had a celebration drink and sat in the hot tub!  I wanted to have my Birthday dinner at Whole Food, as we only get to go there when we travel.  Dinner was delicious and then we spent the evening shopping and walking around the stores.  We did practice some yoga as well as our legs were very tired but we were happy that we really did not have any pain.


Sunday morning we had brunch plans at Larkins on the River with a great friend of ours.  We had a wonderful meal with great company.  The restaurant is beautiful with great menu items and ambiance.  We highly recommend it and cannot wait to go back next time we are in Greenville. 


We then walked around downtown Greenville and went ice skating.  William is so good at whatever we do, he was cutting up the ice. I was worried if we stayed any long he was going to be recruited to the ice capades!

Gosh, the City of Greenville is so beautiful and really put us in the holiday spirit. 

I am very blessed to have had such a great birthday and one that I will never forget.  2011 was a neat year, we started the first month of the year with a 50K and ended the last month of the year with a 50K!
Until next time--Run Happy!

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  1. Had fun running by you guys saying 'Happy Birthday' for a few laps... it gave me something to look forward to in the middle of the loop. I didn't realize it at the time but looking back we ran our first ultras together @ FATS in 10'

    Congrats again and keep up the running/biking/blogging and general awesomeness.