On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Marathon Training Week 1

  Wow the day I have been waiting for since November 13, 2010 when I finished my first marathon in Richmond, Va has finally came this week-Boston Marathon Training!  Richmond was my first marathon and I have not done a marathon since so I am going into Boston as my second road race marathon.  I have dedicated myself to a 18 week training plan with a friend of mine who's a strong runner and is training for Boston as well.  We have the same goal so having her to do workouts with is wonderful. 

  This week being my first week, I have learned some lessons about what cross training works well and what does not. I think I may have lifted a touch too heavy with my legs on Thursday making Friday's hill repeats not so fun and my legs still a little sore going into Saturdays run. 

  Richmond was a day I will never forget, the 26.2 miles were so much fun and to be real honest with you, we really did not follow a training plan to prepare.  We ran A LOT of races and added miles before and after the race.  We did our weekday runs and long runs on the weekend, however, we did not many workouts specific to marathon training.  It was just on of those days when everything that could go right, went right.

Richmond Start Line

Richmond Finish-2nd favorite day of my life!


I told myself after Richmond and thinking about Boston 2012 (which felt like-never, never land away) that I was going to go into this marathon having trained like a runner, plan and all.  Well before I knew it December 2011 was here and training was about the begin.  This training like a runner came with some sacrifices.  I decided to no longer train with my personal trainer after almost 4 years, I will not lift as heavy as I had in the past and also will not do as many races.  Time on my bike, swimming and weights will have some places in my training plan but not as a means to wear me out more as cross training. 

Training plan, running journal and 26 miles to Boston book!
  I have gone through a lot of internal turmoil over this decision to give up some of the workouts I am so used to doing weekly to be more rest and have more time to commit run workout.  In the end I think it will be the right decision.   I am so excited to be where I am and honored at this privilege.  When I get to the finish line where my husband and entire family will be waiting on me I want to know that I gave it all I could!

William raced 13.1 yesterday while I had a training run

Week 1-26 miles
Monday-8 miles 4 at 1/2 marathon pace-I did not do this workout as I had done 31 miles for my 31st Birthday so I took complete rest days Sunday and Monday of this week to make sure I was rested!
Wednesday 9 miles (med long run)1:15 8:20 pace at 0500-Hilly route to get used to the rolling
then 1000m swim after our run
Thursday 3.25 mile walk, weights and 1150 swim
Friday-5 recovery pace with 6 hill repeats (3 x 10 sec and 3 x 1 min)
Saturday-12 miles 1:38 (med long run) 8:12 pace-great rolling course and finished on a big up hill
Sunday-walk 2 miles, 600m swim and weights

17 weeks to go----woo hoo!

Monday, December 12, 2011

One Epic Run One Epic Weekend--An Ultra Tale....

    Ultra history-In October 2010 we completed our first 50K, we actually did an ultra before we even did our first marathon in November of 2010.  In January 2011 we completed our second 50K and in May we did the Enoree SC 40 miler.  We have a pack that we always stay together on the trails, easy does it and we just enjoy each others company.  After the Enoree 40 miler I told William that I wanted a break from ultras, he of course said that was okay and went on a few weeks later and did another 50K while I stayed back to ride with friends.

   In July we were going over our schedule of events left for the rest of the year and I told William that I wanted to run a 50K for my 31st Birthday!  William thought it was a great idea and we started to work on finding an event.  We had an idea of a few in the area when our friend Joseph informed us he was putting together a race on my Birthday that was a 24hr run but participants could do any distance.  We were thrilled and started to plan out our weekend plans for December.

One Epic Run was an EPIC event.  The race took place in Croft State Park.  It was a closed 2.96 mile loop that was technical and challenging but also beautiful.  William and I both run trails in Brooks Cascadia and we agree that it is the best trail shoe for us and would be for you.


We were able to meet so many different people on Saturday that all had different goals and stories that they wanted to share.  Our goal was 10 loops then get the last residual mile on the road by the aid station so that the Garmin would read exactly 31 miles. 

We did not have to carry any water or fuel with us as the loops were only 3 miles.  We had our cooler and fuel in a bag right were we came out on the loop.  Also, the volunteers and aid station was top notch!  The PB&J was amazing, there were like 10 different kinds of jelly to choose from!  JPP rocked the PBJ!
10 loops went by really fast and never got boring.  It was also funny how 90+ runners could get so spread out over 3 miles!  Every time we would come up on friends they would sing Happy Birthday.  One of our friends even sang me Happy Birthday in Russia.  It was so fun to do what I love to do for the day of my birthday.

After we celebrated with friends, had cake and headed to our hotel in Greenville.  There were still a lot of runners when we left as many had plans of running all 24hours!

  We went and checked in, had a celebration drink and sat in the hot tub!  I wanted to have my Birthday dinner at Whole Food, as we only get to go there when we travel.  Dinner was delicious and then we spent the evening shopping and walking around the stores.  We did practice some yoga as well as our legs were very tired but we were happy that we really did not have any pain.


Sunday morning we had brunch plans at Larkins on the River with a great friend of ours.  We had a wonderful meal with great company.  The restaurant is beautiful with great menu items and ambiance.  We highly recommend it and cannot wait to go back next time we are in Greenville. 


We then walked around downtown Greenville and went ice skating.  William is so good at whatever we do, he was cutting up the ice. I was worried if we stayed any long he was going to be recruited to the ice capades!

Gosh, the City of Greenville is so beautiful and really put us in the holiday spirit. 

I am very blessed to have had such a great birthday and one that I will never forget.  2011 was a neat year, we started the first month of the year with a 50K and ended the last month of the year with a 50K!
Until next time--Run Happy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls just want to have fun-weekend review!

Another weekend over, time goes way too fast!
Friday 12/2/11-I took the day off, I tend to take Fridays as my rest day.  After a tough week and to be ready for the weekend it works well.  William normally takes Thursdays off since that is a travel day for him.  William ran on lunch Friday and did his run workout 12x400's at the Dam.  After work we had a great time with our running friends celebrating a friend and inspiration to our running community's Birthday!

Saturday 12/3/11-What a special day!  We volunteered for the Girls on the Run 5K at Saluda Shoals Park.  One of our 2011 goals was to volunteer at a rac,  really wanting to give back to the community.  One of our tri friends is a coach for GOTR and told us about this run back in September, we are so glad she did!  We had a blast and the passion our friend who coaches a team has for GOTR just showed through when we saw her with the girls.  William had the only water stop with 3 other people for 700-800 runners plus all runners had to run with a buddy.  He was very busy and excited to see things from the other side.  I had the opportunity to run with an incredible 12 year girl, who is a runner girl!  She taught me more than I tough her Saturday and was a girl after my own heart in her running style. She ran a great race and ran faster than she ever had.  She was so sweet and encouraging to her teammate as we went back on the course to cheer them on.

GOTR is a great program, I wish this was around when I was in Elementary and Middle School, it is very empowering for these girls.  A lot of our smiling running friends were there volunteering andcheering which made it a lot of fun.  We then hit the Saluda Shoal trails for a 8.5 mile run which included 10 x 1 min fartleks and 4 miles with friends.  We had a great time running and catching up with them both. 

Sunday 12/4/11-Christmas decorating and Sunday brunch of course!  Then we hopped on our mountain bikes and road a mile to the gym (awesome!) quick swim workout-250m warm up 10x50 then 250 cooldown.  Quick transition to change and off to Pump class for some weights.  After we hopped on our bikes and road down to our community parade then road on home!  It's a great day when we do not have to start the car to go the places we want to go riding, running or walking makes it so much more fun.

Have a great week and Run Happy--Tesm Schmitz

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A little road, a little trail and a little yoga-weekend review

Hard to believe a super long weekend of fun workouts, great meals and a sleep in is over!

Friday morning 11/25/11 we met some friends at the gym for a 75 min spin class then hopped on a treadmill to do a quick 2 mile transition run.  After our cardio was done we headed to the weight room for an hour upper body workout!  We had a blast and challenged ourselves with heavier weights and of course more pull ups!  We concluded with abs and headed home for lunch.  We spent most of Friday relaxing at home.  I took a nap and then we rented two great movies-Bridesmaids and Soul Surfer.

Saturday-we did not set an alarm!  I slept until 11:30am and William to 10:30am-12hrs of sleep for me and I felt great!  Rest is important and really as strange as it sounds is how we get stronger.  We had a great brunch at home which we normally have on Sundays but knew we would not be home Sunday so had it Saturday instead.  Pancakes once a week is a must, whole wheat of course!
Go Cocks Saturday evening against Clemson too!  We had plans to watch the game with friends and got home around 11:30pm.  We did some last minute prepping of fuel/clothing to be all ready for Sunday morning.

Sunday 11/27/11-Dan Hartley the Race Director of Habison 50K was having a preview run at Harbison Forest at 9am.  Having run this race last year and knowing the beauty of the course plus a lot of our friends locally and out of town were going to be there we really wanted to go.  I wanted to get in 20 miles today and not being a HUGE trail fan I asked William instead of going early and running 5 on the trails if we could do 5 road miles before we went to the preview, of course he said yes and thought that was a great idea. 
Up at 6:30am-breakfast, coffee--60 degrees at 0630 on 11/27-SCORE
out the door at 7:20 and drove to the Irmo side of the Dam.  Ran 5 miles at 7:30am across Dam and back-40:00 mins legs felt fresh after day off yesterday-7:41 last mile.
Finished up and headed to Harbison Forest.  Great to see so many friend out to run this morning (23 total!)and of course always great to meet new ones.  We had loads of fun chatting and running with friends.
16 miles 3hrs 30mins (tough, challenging but beautiful course)  best part this little not some much a trail girl did not fall at all!! "not a worry in the world, toes in the leaves, ass above the knees, not a worry in the world!"
After running some of us runners and the RD went to the Ale house for lunch and a post run beer. Upon finishing up William and I got talking about what to do this afternoon.   Pink Lotus was having a free 4pm class to promote yoga in the community.  After 21 miles, 16 on trail, yoga sounded perfect.  We stopped at the Grocery, home quick to get ready and off to yoga we went.  We had a great time and it was perfect to stretch and just have an hour and a half of mat time.  Heath was teaching and his passion for yoga shows through his practice. My teammate yogi continues to amaze me and do so well in yoga!  Pink lotus is a great addition to our community and Nicole the owner is so welcoming..go check it out.  Until next time---namaste

Thursday, November 24, 2011

1 Turkey in the Oven & 2 on the Road

First and Foremost Happy Thanksgiving.

Team Schmitz is Thankful  For:

* Our Health: Without it all this would not be possible

* Each other:  Kristin-for inspiring me to get out out of my comfort zone and becoming a better teammate, friend & husband.
                     William-for pushing us to race and do events that I did not even know I could do.  I would never know the ability I have or push myself the way I do if you were not my biggest fan. 

* Family: Although we could not be with them this Thanksgiving they were with us. We are also thankful for Sweet Baby Olivia(our niece) and her first Thanksgiving.

* Our desire and ability to run: With this we have the most amazing running community and family.

* Our Introduction to Triathlons in 2011: Team Schmitz did 17 Tri's this year and enjoyed the swimming and biking training that accompanied our running training. Ever so thankful for Setup Events including us into their family and establishing new friendships that we will have for a lifetime.

* Brooks Running  and our opportunity to be a part of the Brooks ID Running Program in 2011. Run Happy and many miles of smiles.

* BCBS Sports Clubs and the opportunities they have provided us this year in our Running, Biking, and Swimming adventures.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Swim, Spin, Run, Pump and Yoga Again!

 This fall weather has been wonderful the past two days, we have been busy trying to get the most out of our days and of course having fun!  I am REALLY enjoying no training plan, flying by the seat of my pants and wanting to try new classes.  Running for the past 4 weeks and for the next 3 weeks is really increasing volume only before my marathon training starts and I will not have time to do a lot of unstructured workouts.
 Yesterday we decided we would do a hour workout so we ran up to the pool 1.25 miles, swam 1250m then ran back home.  With transitioning from running to swimming and the transition back it came out to be an hour workout.  With the pool fixed William wants to get a swim in daily as his goal is to work on his swimming during the off season. 
 Last evening we decided we would go back to the gym to meet friends for the 6pm spin class, gosh it was a great to see everyone and a great workout.  After spin we wanted to do weights so we went to pump. This is way out there for William as he does not strength train very often.  We liked class and found it to be a great way to hit all the main body parts.  (I think we will feel it tomorrow!)
  Since today was beautiful and the sun was shining it was a great day to have a half day! William and I had lunch together then shortly after headed out the door.  We ran 10 miles through 3 neighborhoods in town we really enjoy.  It was a fun conversation pace and just nice to be outside during the day-10 miles just under 1hr 30mins. 
   William wanting to keep up with his swimming asked me after our run if we could go to the pool.  Of course!  We did 1350m with some fast 25.  A friend of ours was there who said he would help William out with swimming drills, which is awesome and just the guidance he needs.
   We came home after our swim to have dinner.  Homemade Pizza and a salad--Yummy!

  We had plans again this evening with our friends to do YOGA at Pink Lotus!  We had a ball.  It was a tough class but some of the poses felt great after the many workouts we have done the past few days.  Guess who was doing headstands again in class??  William and our awesome friend did! I am still working on those darn headstands, I am excited I can do one close to the wall but my goal is get away from the wall!
  Sad to miss another race this evening that was in town but again so fun to see all our awesome friends who did so well in the results.  On the 12th day we will rest tomorrow....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A kick out the door and laughs in the rain-weekend review

No race for Team Schmitz this week, Say what???!!!!  Yup, really we took a weekend off from racing!  Since we did not have a race we decided that we should get a speed work out in.  We thought about doing it on Saturday however, with the temps being a little cool and windy on Friday we decided to go on Friday during my lunch hour-therefore the workout had to be fast and fun!!!  We did a one mile warn up then 12x400 starting at 7min pace (1:45 and then decreased down to 1:37) and because of having to get back to work we did a half mile cool down-7 miles less than an hour!
Friday evening I had plans with my super fun friend to go to Yoga Tricks class in a great yoga studio that just opened in town.  William had plans to go to the pool while I was at yoga to get his swim workout in however, learned the pool was broken and closed for the weekend.  William was sadden by this and thinking out loud stated "What am I going to do now this evening?"  I answered and told him to come to yoga with us, he said no, I asked again...silence.....okay!  Woo hoo how fun, I love getting outside of that comfort zone and willingness to try something new. 
  Yes, William was brand new to yoga...NO, not a single person would ever know that.  He rocked the class.  He is so strong that the poses he nailed and may I add did SEVERAL headstands!  The teacher continued to say "I cannot believe you have never done this yoga class, we do not normally teach this to beginners"  LOL I on the other hand like yoga but could not do half the poses that my husband could do, he never ceases to amaze me.  We then had loads of fun out with our friend, a new friend from class and the teacher! Yeah!!!
  Saturday morning was strange not setting an alarm and getting up to race, strange yes, a little guilt yes but sleep in and pancake breakfast--ahhh so worth it!  It was very chilly in the low 30's Saturday with frost when we got up around 9 so we decided we should wait until it warms up to go for our run.  We googled pumpkin pancakes and made a great new delicious recipe--carb load right LOL! 
 Around 12:30pm we left the front door in shorts and tank tops with a clear sunny blue sky-60 degrees!  We ran 15 miles side by side all through town.  Just the two of, sun shining and the sounds of laughter between foot steps.  We missed seeing our running friends and were so proud of them as we went through weekend results. We also practiced some of our newly learned yoga moves, I am determined to get that darn headstand!
  Today Sunday we slept in again, ahhh fall in the south when workouts are not about beating the heat! We planned to meet a group of friends for a bike ride and then run after.  We headed out on our bikes to meet at the PIG just over 5 miles from our house.  The forecast today was 72 and sunny, it was a little cloudy out but nice so before leaving my meteorologist husband had no reason to look at the radar. Half way up the PIG we felt some rain spits but nothing too much so off we went to ride with everyone!  About 10 miles into the ride it was raining well um pouring!  We continued our ride a little shorter then we would have most likely have done but still got in 31 rainy miles of smiles with friends.  Our goal was to run after to keep up with bricks in the off season, we were pretty cold, hungry and it was still raining when we got home.  We made some hot soup and decided we would do our run workout inside at the gym.  So off we went to the gym only to see one of the guys we just road with who had a brink scheduled for today running on the treadmill as well. The three of us all got our runs in-5 mile negative split for Team Schmitz, some yoga after (still cannot get that darn head stand!) as well as some body rows and lat pull downs.  We left the gym went to starbucks to enjoy a hot drink and of course read the latest Triathlete magazine!  Great weekend, we survived without a race but are both looking forward to Thursday when it is time to race again!

Monday, November 14, 2011

After 3 + Years

Kristin and William Schmitz would like to welcome you to our first blog post and look forward to keeping you updated on where and when we are racing or training and provide race reports from our travels.