On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A kick out the door and laughs in the rain-weekend review

No race for Team Schmitz this week, Say what???!!!!  Yup, really we took a weekend off from racing!  Since we did not have a race we decided that we should get a speed work out in.  We thought about doing it on Saturday however, with the temps being a little cool and windy on Friday we decided to go on Friday during my lunch hour-therefore the workout had to be fast and fun!!!  We did a one mile warn up then 12x400 starting at 7min pace (1:45 and then decreased down to 1:37) and because of having to get back to work we did a half mile cool down-7 miles less than an hour!
Friday evening I had plans with my super fun friend to go to Yoga Tricks class in a great yoga studio that just opened in town.  William had plans to go to the pool while I was at yoga to get his swim workout in however, learned the pool was broken and closed for the weekend.  William was sadden by this and thinking out loud stated "What am I going to do now this evening?"  I answered and told him to come to yoga with us, he said no, I asked again...silence.....okay!  Woo hoo how fun, I love getting outside of that comfort zone and willingness to try something new. 
  Yes, William was brand new to yoga...NO, not a single person would ever know that.  He rocked the class.  He is so strong that the poses he nailed and may I add did SEVERAL headstands!  The teacher continued to say "I cannot believe you have never done this yoga class, we do not normally teach this to beginners"  LOL I on the other hand like yoga but could not do half the poses that my husband could do, he never ceases to amaze me.  We then had loads of fun out with our friend, a new friend from class and the teacher! Yeah!!!
  Saturday morning was strange not setting an alarm and getting up to race, strange yes, a little guilt yes but sleep in and pancake breakfast--ahhh so worth it!  It was very chilly in the low 30's Saturday with frost when we got up around 9 so we decided we should wait until it warms up to go for our run.  We googled pumpkin pancakes and made a great new delicious recipe--carb load right LOL! 
 Around 12:30pm we left the front door in shorts and tank tops with a clear sunny blue sky-60 degrees!  We ran 15 miles side by side all through town.  Just the two of, sun shining and the sounds of laughter between foot steps.  We missed seeing our running friends and were so proud of them as we went through weekend results. We also practiced some of our newly learned yoga moves, I am determined to get that darn headstand!
  Today Sunday we slept in again, ahhh fall in the south when workouts are not about beating the heat! We planned to meet a group of friends for a bike ride and then run after.  We headed out on our bikes to meet at the PIG just over 5 miles from our house.  The forecast today was 72 and sunny, it was a little cloudy out but nice so before leaving my meteorologist husband had no reason to look at the radar. Half way up the PIG we felt some rain spits but nothing too much so off we went to ride with everyone!  About 10 miles into the ride it was raining well um pouring!  We continued our ride a little shorter then we would have most likely have done but still got in 31 rainy miles of smiles with friends.  Our goal was to run after to keep up with bricks in the off season, we were pretty cold, hungry and it was still raining when we got home.  We made some hot soup and decided we would do our run workout inside at the gym.  So off we went to the gym only to see one of the guys we just road with who had a brink scheduled for today running on the treadmill as well. The three of us all got our runs in-5 mile negative split for Team Schmitz, some yoga after (still cannot get that darn head stand!) as well as some body rows and lat pull downs.  We left the gym went to starbucks to enjoy a hot drink and of course read the latest Triathlete magazine!  Great weekend, we survived without a race but are both looking forward to Thursday when it is time to race again!


  1. I cant wait to see Crazy Legs doing headstand yoga poses at your next race.