On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Swim, Spin, Run, Pump and Yoga Again!

 This fall weather has been wonderful the past two days, we have been busy trying to get the most out of our days and of course having fun!  I am REALLY enjoying no training plan, flying by the seat of my pants and wanting to try new classes.  Running for the past 4 weeks and for the next 3 weeks is really increasing volume only before my marathon training starts and I will not have time to do a lot of unstructured workouts.
 Yesterday we decided we would do a hour workout so we ran up to the pool 1.25 miles, swam 1250m then ran back home.  With transitioning from running to swimming and the transition back it came out to be an hour workout.  With the pool fixed William wants to get a swim in daily as his goal is to work on his swimming during the off season. 
 Last evening we decided we would go back to the gym to meet friends for the 6pm spin class, gosh it was a great to see everyone and a great workout.  After spin we wanted to do weights so we went to pump. This is way out there for William as he does not strength train very often.  We liked class and found it to be a great way to hit all the main body parts.  (I think we will feel it tomorrow!)
  Since today was beautiful and the sun was shining it was a great day to have a half day! William and I had lunch together then shortly after headed out the door.  We ran 10 miles through 3 neighborhoods in town we really enjoy.  It was a fun conversation pace and just nice to be outside during the day-10 miles just under 1hr 30mins. 
   William wanting to keep up with his swimming asked me after our run if we could go to the pool.  Of course!  We did 1350m with some fast 25.  A friend of ours was there who said he would help William out with swimming drills, which is awesome and just the guidance he needs.
   We came home after our swim to have dinner.  Homemade Pizza and a salad--Yummy!

  We had plans again this evening with our friends to do YOGA at Pink Lotus!  We had a ball.  It was a tough class but some of the poses felt great after the many workouts we have done the past few days.  Guess who was doing headstands again in class??  William and our awesome friend did! I am still working on those darn headstands, I am excited I can do one close to the wall but my goal is get away from the wall!
  Sad to miss another race this evening that was in town but again so fun to see all our awesome friends who did so well in the results.  On the 12th day we will rest tomorrow....

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