On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

On our way to the Jail Break 5K in our Brooks ID attire.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

1 Turkey in the Oven & 2 on the Road

First and Foremost Happy Thanksgiving.

Team Schmitz is Thankful  For:

* Our Health: Without it all this would not be possible

* Each other:  Kristin-for inspiring me to get out out of my comfort zone and becoming a better teammate, friend & husband.
                     William-for pushing us to race and do events that I did not even know I could do.  I would never know the ability I have or push myself the way I do if you were not my biggest fan. 

* Family: Although we could not be with them this Thanksgiving they were with us. We are also thankful for Sweet Baby Olivia(our niece) and her first Thanksgiving.

* Our desire and ability to run: With this we have the most amazing running community and family.

* Our Introduction to Triathlons in 2011: Team Schmitz did 17 Tri's this year and enjoyed the swimming and biking training that accompanied our running training. Ever so thankful for Setup Events including us into their family and establishing new friendships that we will have for a lifetime.

* Brooks Running  and our opportunity to be a part of the Brooks ID Running Program in 2011. Run Happy and many miles of smiles.

* BCBS Sports Clubs and the opportunities they have provided us this year in our Running, Biking, and Swimming adventures.

Boy's & Girls Club 5K Race Recap:

Time: 8:45am
Place: Columbia, SC
Race Time Weather: 52° with full sun and light wind
# of participants: 644


Finish Time22:2321:43

Got a nice 2.63 mile warm up with Anton Bodourov and learned more about the machine that is Anton.
Cooled down 2.5 miles in true Team Schmitz fashion by running back against the finishing runners for a mile and rooting on the running community while seeing lots of familiar faces.

These we the Thank You cards in our packet, handmade by the local Boy's and Girl's Club of Columbia.

After Race Activities:

Hit the pool for a mile swim and a weight workout that included 3x10 body rows, 2x10 lat. pull downs, 10 pull ups and 10 tricep dips.

Lets just say the Kristin has got some definition during her pull ups... I told her I could mix something in those bowls..

Then home to make a 20lb Turkey Dinner - See Photos.


The Feast

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Team Schmitz! You are all so inspiring.

    Looks like a delicious meal. Enjoy the offseason.